Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goa- Palolem to Panjim


C: If you look closely you will see a common result to an innocent "local bus" bus ride...

C: There you have it... Annapurna. Stunning.

P: The view was good, but without a good photographer....

P: The street festival! So much fun!

P: Which one is more hardheaded?

P: Mom found this thing in the cave. What the heck is it?

C: I almost didn't make it to see this. I have discovered I get a serious case of vertigo when climbing in caves. Thanks to P and a very nice, patient Nepali man, both holding my hands, slowly slowly, I made it to see this mega cave/waterfall.

P: Notice the people at the bottom to get an idea of scale. This was amazing. Before entering the cave, above ground, one can see the waterfall disappear into the ground. Then it is possible to access the waterfall from underground. Magical.

C: Magical indeed. (Thanks Liz for putting that word back into our vocabulary.)

C: So 100 Nepali rupees is like a $1.30. Peep the prices... hecksa cheep.

P: I love sassage!

C: Ah. Yum. I mean fried hot dogs on a stick. Fried anything on a stick. And none of us got a belly ache. Sweet.

P: Make it hot, oily, crispy and red. I'm talking food here...

P: Ohh, forgot to say, there was an amazing street festival here, so this type of street food was omnipresent. You'd just be waking down, and in the blink of an eye, an amazing sekuwa (a kind of kebabish thing) would appear in your hands. The distance between desire and satisfaction was shortened to the infinitely small, to the realm of the nearly non-existent.

C: Beautifully done P. Bravo.

P: Thanks C. But with this lake, it wasn't hard.

C: And that lovely splash of red.

P: I was just about to say...

C: See how its done.

P: Tan, Tan, Tandoooooooriiiii!

C: Homemade Tandoori oven. Gonna make one when we get home... or rather, P, will you make one when we get home????

P: I would say "sure", but I need to say "I'll try"! But keeping in mind the possible resulting deliciousness, I will devote max effort to the pursuit.

C: Great photo C. Got to pat myself on the back for this one.

P: Pulitzer prize, Pulitzer prize I say!!

C: Thanks big pimpin'. I love that he's so still and in focus and that nothing else is.

P: Just sayin'... I love it too. Also the colors!

C: Nepali hat~ P's still shy to wear one but he wants to soooo bad!

P: It's true. I love them. They also have some that are black-gray-orange with the coolest patterns, but can't work up the nerve...

C: Finally some water! and FRESH AIR!

P: And peace! It was, so great to be outside of Kathmandu, without a fever, and get some rest from the city, which can get really exhausting. Pokhara is a truly magical place. The lake's name is Fewa.

C: We've arrived! Yeah!

P: Ahahahahah!

C: The deluxe bus package dropped us at some super fancy hotel for a feast. Happy faces after eating tons of curried chicken!

P: And chowmein, my new favorite!

C: Landscape. On the way to Pokhara for New Years. Annapurna here we come.

P: Check the people at the bottom of the photo.