Friday, January 8, 2010

Learning to Cook Nepali by Candle Light

C: I am a diligent student of culinary delectable delights.

C: A mixture of tomatoes, green chilies and jira seeds (can't figure out what jira is, some say cumin but I don't think so) to mix in with my most favorite, saag- usually mustard greens.

C: This will be one of my best memories of Nepal. The intimacy of sharing the kitchen and family recipes...

C: Too bad this picture isn't quite clear, but Bimala is using a traditional Nepali knife that is connected to a board that you position underneath your foot and pull the food against the blade. Efficient.


C: P with our new friend Buddha, also teacher to us of Buddhism and Buddhist Iconography. This joint serves a killer milk tea.

C: Ahhaha tourists who's taking pictures of who! Ha!

C: The backs of the devout.